The Dutch software company, Ellips’, latest development is the introduction of the MSI5 camera. “This is a multi-spectral 3,2-megapixel camera. We can sort enormously accurately with it. We can select images per pixel. That is unique on the market.”

“For example, we can detect bruises on apples extremely well.  With many varieties, this is not an issue. However, with the dark-red Red Delicious, these bruises are almost impossible to see,” says Erwin Bakker.

“With our cameras, you can sometimes even detect the pickers’ fingerprints. We have already used this camera with cherries, blueberries, and apricots, too,” says Erwin.

The Ellips Group will be at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain, from 22 to 24 October. They will also be at the PMA from 17 to 19 October in Anaheim, USA.

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