Our cherry tomato machinery offers high-performance solutions to any need.

The Tomato Class: sorting machine exclusively for cherry tomatoes

Our tomato sorting machine is equipped with Truesort technology and enables you to select the desirable and undesirable characteristics of any cherry tomato. For each cherry tomato, Ellips TrueSort technology can accurately select and classify the internal and external quality.  

It detects: size and shape, colour and external defects


Our system accurately classifies the various qualities and characteristics of each cherry tomato. By using camera images with an adjustable weight parameter every cherry tomato can be sorted out precisely, while the operator of the cherry grading machine can monitor the average mass and capacity of the cherry tomatoes.



The dimensions of each cherry tomato are calculated using various images of the product, for which the connection of the stem and contour of the cherry tomato is used. Specialized algorithms regulate the orientation of the product so the diameter, length, defects, curvature and surface area can be determined. Our cherry tomato sorting software is capable of measuring 35 cherry tomatoes per second, with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.



The colour of the cherry tomato is an ideal way to determine ripeness and quality. The colour module enables you to precisely specify how you would like to grade the cherry tomato. The Tomato Class is equipped with high-definition cameras so you can easily achieve perfect colour separation and can grade multiple color classes.



The Tomato Class is unmatched in size and color separation capabilities and has set a standard for in the cherry tomato industry. Our machines deliver consistent high quality providing high quality for your customers and improved returns for their growers. When it comes to grading cherry tomatoes by external quality, our sorting machine leads the industry. Equipped with the TrueSort grading software identifying external defects, such as skin marking, stem, rot, splits and cuts.


Why choose The Tomato Class?

State of the art technology for handling your cherry tomato delicately

The Tomato Class is the only cherry tomato sorting machine in the market that handles your product delicately. Specially designed curtains gently reduce speed, while keeping the tomato separated. Having the lowest transfer height throughout the whole process, while delicately handing your tomatoes your product has low to no impact.

<h2>State of the art technology for handling your cherry tomato delicately</h2>

Automatic sanitation program

Our machine can be equipped with an automatic roller cleaning system. It’s static brushes are set in contact with the chain during the process and can be run while the machine is in production. At the end of the shift an automatic deep sanitation program can be run by using dry steam to remove dirt from the cherry tomatoes and the rollers are dried by an air supply.

<h2>Automatic sanitation program</h2>

Most compact sorting machine in the industry

We have a strong experience in grading and sorting machines, in particular for cherry tomatoes. Our machine has the smallest footprint in the industry, because we know how important it is for your business to have compact sized machinery, enabling easy maintenance,  quick installation and optimum performance.

<h2>Most compact sorting machine in the industry</h2>

Outstanding sizing, color and quality accuracy

Our cherry tomato sorting machine uses vision software from Ellips and is capable of taking 30 images per single tomato, guaranteeing an excellent level of accuracy. Its near-perfect size, colour separation and highly accurate sorting capabilities will ensure you get the best market prices and will help reduce manual labour costs.

<h2>Outstanding sizing, color and quality accuracy</h2>

More profitability

Our  Tomato Class system provides lower food waste, because every cherry tomato is sorted more accurately than its competitors. Less waste, equals better results out of every tomato harvest.

<h2>More profitability</h2>

Higher productivity by faster sorting

The Tomato Class sorting machine is the fastest in the industry and can process 36 cherry tomatoes per each lane per second. Each lane can process 800 Kg per hour. Also, our system provides lower food waste, because every cherry tomato is sorted more accurately than its competitors. Less waste, equals better results out of every tomato harvest.

<h2>Higher productivity by faster sorting</h2>

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