Grading and Sorting Technology

Elifab’s sorting lines incorporate the best hardware technology available, we dedicate significant resources to research and development every year to ensure that our sorting lines deliver the best possible results. We collaborate with our customers and partners in order to deliver significant value through continuous research & development into improvements in product and design.

Ellips TrueSort™ software

Elifab machines are equipped with Ellips Truesort™ software. Their technology is at the heart of each sorting line. By the use of advanced multispectral technology more than 30 images per blueberry, cherry and cherry tomato are made, resulting in the best selection of your product.

Our systems equipped with TrueSort software provide a grading and sorting solution with unparalleled capabilities on all the different aspects of your product. In additions to sorting in- and external quality, the sorting program delivers a consistent stream of product packed on the basis of size, color and weight. If you like further information, please visit

– Easy to use and a user-friendly interface
– Leading vision grading technology
– Requires minimal training for operators

We provide a wide range of grading solutions. For more information on what each solution offers, please refer to our product pages: blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes.