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A choice for excellence in grading machinery

Elifab has developed a new line of grading solutions for blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes that incorporates Ellips True Sort™ Technology. We are committed to accurate grading and gentle handling of your fruits. Elifab makes sure you can deliver a quality product, on time, and at the best price.

Elifab grading machinery helps you get the best out every batch

At Elifab we are dedicated helping our customers achieve the best results. We see our customers as partners to our business; and collaborating with us means full access to leading technology, unmatched services and best value in the industry. Our grading and sorting machinery is designed to deliver superior grading performance, product handling, capacity and reliability. Our family of grading solutions was also designed to reduce machine footprint and energy consumption while addressing stringent food safety requirements.

Elifab invest heavily in developing cutting-edge sorting technology specifically designed for the blueberry, cherry and cherry tomato market. Combined with the accuracy and flexibility of our grading software, TrueSort™ powered by Ellips,  we deliver unmatched value for our partners.

Tailor-made packhouse solutions specifically designed for your needs

Our research and development team is specialized in customized packhouse solutions that reduce labour costs, increase capacity, and improve the efficiency of your packhouse operations. Each grading machine can be tailored to your needs and our team will work closely with you to understand your operational requirements.

Customer service & support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Our service and support team is driven by skilled and knowledgeable service people, who are committed to ensure that your packhouse runs at peak performance. We believe that our partners should be able to rely on service and support on a global scale. Based on best effort we will ensure that your packhouse performs to the highest standard at all times. Our 24-hour helpdesk is always available and a local team or instant remote support is only one phone call away.

Turn your operators into experts with TrueSort Academy™

The TrueSort Academy provides training courses and certification for operators and managers of Elifab grading and sorting lines, as well for for our dealers and other end-users. The courses cover a range of skill levels and are created to provide you get superior performance from your Elifab systems to maximize the efficiency of your packhouse. Thanks to the user-friendliness of our software, usually just a couple of hours of training is required. If you would like to attend one of our training courses, don’t hesitate to contact our Service & Support department.

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